Luciano Iacobelli

There is much to be said about poet and artist Luciano Iacobelli, and there will be. But for now, know that Iacobelli is a huge supporter of and inspiration to Urgent Beauty Squad. He plays that same role for many poets and artists in Toronto, where in addition to practicing poetry and art, he is also a teacher, retailer, publisher, playwright, performance artist, and demiurge. He was a co-founder and publisher of Quattro Books. He was the founder of Q Space, a retail and salon space in Toronto's Little Italy. Iacobelli's books have been published by Guernica Press, Mantis Editores, Quattro, and various fine presses. His work has been translated into Spanish and Italian. Under his LyricalMyrical Press imprint, Iacobelli makes handmade artist books that have featured dozens of poets, writers, and artists; these books are found in special collections across North America. 

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Six Questions for Luciano Iacobelli:

Q: What is your Artist Name?
A: Luciano Iacobelli. I also put out artist books as Lyrical Myrical Press.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Toronto, Canada
Q: What kinds of things do you make?
A: Poems, concrete poems, artist books, paintings, assemblages, publishing houses, great conversation, happenings and artistic gatherings of people.

Q: What are your interweb series of tubes?
A: I prefer to communicate via cafés and books.

Q: What's a Great Way to Spend $1,000 on Your Work?
A: Buy a painting and a couple of books.

Q: What is one tool we would find in your work space?
A: An espresso. I work in cafés. COVID sucks. (And this paint brush.)


Luciano Iacobelli paint brush

photo credit: Luciano Iacobelli