Rochelle Newman

Rochelle Newman is a wonderful multi-hyphenate we have loved collaborating with, in many ways, for years. We are thrilled that she is sharing her writing persona with us here. Check out all things Rochelle Newman here (or just Rochelle's inventory).

Six Questions for Rochelle Newman:

Q: What is your Artist Name?
A: Rochelle Newman

Q: Where are you based?
A: West Hollywood, California.

Q: What kinds of things do you make?
A: Things made out of words—stories, essays, poems, ideas. Written and spoken art.

Q: What are your interweb series of tubes?

Website —
Twitter — @nuevohombre
Medium — @nuevohombre1
Instagram — @nuevohombre
LinkedIn — Rochelle Newman-Carrasco

Q: What's A Great Way To Spend $1,000 on Your Work?
A: Happy to provide writing classes, edit work that you have developed, or ghost write something for you. Also an expert at branding, so can coach you in branding exercises to build your own identity/business/vision. [Check out Rochelle's work in our store!]

Q: What is one tool we would find in your workspace?
A: Dr. Seuss books. I have always been a Seuss lover since childhood. I have no kids but I love having kids books. Seuss always reminds me to be playful and always make time to rhyme.











photo credit: Rochelle Newman