Michael Patrick Bailey

Michael Patrick Bailey is a lover of lines—lines that flow from brush, nib and lead, as well as lines that crack wise from characters' yaps. He draws, he paints, he writes, he makes films—going wherever the line takes him. We did a beautiful collaboration together on Now We Are Seven and we look forward to sharing more collaborations, coming up.

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Six Questions for Michael Patrick Bailey:

Q: What is your Artist Name?
A: Michael Patrick Bailey. [Ed.: He has also produced work as Mike Bailey.]

Q: Where are you based?
A: Wild and wooly Los Angeles, California.

Q: What kinds of things do you make?
A: Anything that you can do with traditional tools, like a dip pen or a brush, particularly if that "anything" has a story involved. Narrative is what beats my heart, so I specialize in sequential narrative things: comics and graphic novels, children's books, and certain kinds of editorial. I also love to paint people, but that's something of a torrid affair.

Q: What are your interweb series of tubes?
A:  Portfolio — mistermichaelbailey.com
     Webstore — mistermichaelbailey.storeenvy.com
     Instagram — @mistermichaelbailey

Q: What's A Great Way To Spend $1,000 on Your Work?
A: As enticing as 300+ comic books sounds, a great way to spend a grand is to commission an original piece of your very own—be it a large scale landscape in ink, a portrait in oil, or something in between.

Q: What is one tool we would find in your workspace?
A: It's a three-part tool. Parts one and two are a Tachikawa nib holder fitted with a Kuretake G-style nib. The Japanese still know how to make precise and elegant line making instruments, and these are no exceptions. The third piece is my 100-year-old inkwell, manufactured by Sengbusch Self-Closing Inkstand Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Michael Patrick Bailey Tool image

photo credit: Michael Patrick Bailey