Jens Köhler

Jens Köhler, founder and president of Urgent Beauty Squad LLC, is a poet and cultural practitioner based in Los Angeles and Toronto.

Some Jens inventory.

Six Questions for Jens Köhler

Q: What kinds of things do I make?

Word things. Collaborations. Insights. Performances. Productions.

Q: What are my interweb series of tubes?

This website. Managing social media is enervating.

Q: What's A Great Way To Spend $1,000 on my Work?

Buy literally anything on this website.

Q: What is one tool you would find in my workspace?

A file pile and a to do pile and a mug. And the space freed up by Swedish-death-cleaning away the Crayola markers I no longer needed.



The Lonely Impulse, Issue 0001: “ART POWER: 1) BLUF,” 2020.

Now We Are Seven, poetry, with illustrations by Mike Bailey. Los Angeles; Urgent Beauty Squad, 2017

The Emu Dialogues (co-authors: Luciano Iacobelli and Robert Marra), poetry. Toronto: Quattro Books, 2015

But Sir! (a passionate friendship in five chapters), (co-author / co-illustrator Luciano Iacobelli), a hand-made book, Toronto: LyricalMyrical Press, 2005.

Some of these publications are in collections like: Stanford University, University of Alberta, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Western University, University of Toronto, Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, Queen's University Documents Library, Princeton University Library, Harvard College Library, Yale University Library, Dalhousie University Killam Memorial Library, Los Angeles Public Library.