Robert Marra

Robert Marra (who has also produced work as Roberto Marra) is a painter from Canada. His paintings are often sculptural, requiring careful engineering as his materials can be quite heavy. Despite the mass involved, his work communicates great delicacy of feeling, balancing viscera and grace. (He writes, too. And we love making word things with him.)

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Six Questions for Robert Marra:

Q: What is your Artist Name?
A: Robert Marra

Q: Where are you based?
A: Toronto, Canada.

Q: What kinds of things do you make?
A: Paintings/Sculpture. [Ed. Note: And POETRY, Robert. You make poetry and concrete poetry.]

Q: What are your interweb series of tubes?
A: I have no links or website at this time. [Ed.: Get a flavor here!]

Q: What's A Great Way To Spend $1,000 on Your Work?
A: Buy a painting, enjoy the work -- say something constructive about it.

Q: What is one tool we would find in your workspace?
A: Paint brushes.

Marra artist brushes

photo credit: Robert Marra