Tatjana M. Smith

Tatjana M. Smith is on a mission to make the mail magical again. At a time when the postal service is under pressure, Tatjana is inspired by her life-long love of snail mail and relationships that are cultivated through hand-written delights.

Her flirty, expressive cards and envelopes remind us of Japanese etegami. Each piece is unique, drawn and lettered by hand. An extravagance of charm.

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Six Questions for Tatjana M. Smith:

Q: What is your Artist Name?
A: Tatjana M. Smith / TMS Cards

Q: Where are you based?
A: Los Angeles, California.

Q: What kinds of things do you make?
A: I make greeting cards, personalized cards, invitations and fun envelopes.

Q: What are your interweb series of tubes?

Instagram — @tmscards
Etsy — @tmscards


Q: What's A Great Way To Spend $1,000 on Your Work?
A: Buy some cards from the selection in the Urgent Beauty Squad shop and let me write your invitations and announcements.

Q: What is one tool we would find in your workspace?
A: Micron pens and eraser.

Tatjana's pens and eraser

photo credit: Tatjana M. Smith