The Battle-Ravens
Rascal Press

The Battle-Ravens

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Bloody, violent, dark, and thoroughly entertaining.

The Battle-Ravens, a fantasy thriller, is a departure from John-Richard Thompson's gentler fare both in tone and in subject matter — a cross-continental battle for the fate of the world  — but no departure in the entertainment value we have come to expect from Thompson.

Here are characters we care about, misfits forged into an unlikely band of warriors who must set right the very fabric of reality. A terrifying bad guy. New takes on fantasy tropes with spills and chills and gags mixed in just the right proportions... and a mounting tension that keeps building until the very end of this globe-trotting, century-spanning, mystical adventure novel of good and evil, love and loss, and the mundane and the magical.

Buy the book and let the miniseries play in your mind.

Not for kids. Young Adult OK, but, yeah, it's pretty gruesome. Monsters are not nice.

Rascal Press, New York. 2017. First edition. 

Dimensions: 6" x 9". Paperback, perfect bound. Legible spine.

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